SHOJ Method

At first ,Nano Pars Spadana  Research team began to collect information in synthesizing of Nano particles and then it succeed to invert a new method for synthesizing Nano by investigating available common methods. Then, this method was investigated during various tests and registered as SHOJ method according to the desirable results of above tests. Nano Pars Spadana Co. is producing Nano particles at high quality by using this method.

Advantages of SHOJ :

– It is possible to produce the most mineral elements which is available naturally .Although , the other methods such as sol-gel or grinding have many limitations.

– In this method, it is easy to determine product by synthetic calculations of reactions and determines stoichiometry  balance of product,s size with ±20 nm tolerance.

– In this method , it is possible to determine reaction speed by changing parameters ( centric fuel, temperature, Debi, intel air , environment pressure … ) and so , chemical and physical conditions of product will be controlled.

– This method can produce multi-phases synthetic Nano particles such as , LiCoO2, LiMnO2 , Al2SiO3, as Oxide particles which the other methods don ,t have this possibility.