Nano Technology

History of  Nano technology :       

Prefix of “Nano ” means (1×10-9) . Nano technology deals with various structures of materials which have sizes about 1/1000000 meter . Although , Nano technology is a new word , but, useful tools and Nano metrics structures was available in times past and their antiquity dates back to the beginning of life of the earth . Conchiferous and snail like molluscans creates hard shells  which have inner surfaces rain bow . These shells creates this form by decorating calcium carbonate in units of Nano structures which connected to each other by a hard glue compounded of carbohydrates and protein . Shells are a natural and empirical evidence that structures which obtained from Nano articles can be more firm and stable that common structures .

It is said that roman glass-makers in century and made glasses which had Nano sizes metal .”Licor Gous” bowl has a picture of Nikor gous King which is made out of calcium glasses of sodium carbonate and contains gold and silver particles .When light puts in this bowl , color of bowl changes from green to dark red . Super national diversity of beautiful colors in windows of middle ages churches resulted from metal Nano particles in these glasses.

Potential importance of clusters was determined by an irish chennist by the name of ” Robert boil ” and he blamed Aristotele belief which says that material consists of and important elements ( water , solid , fire and climate ) but he suggested that tiny particles of materials combine by various  methods  to create  corepsels . He says about very small atomic masses or small clusters which can,t break up to their particles easily . In 1857 Michale Farady published his essay ( Transactions of Royal Society Philosophical ) . In this essay , he tried to explain about effects of metal particles on color of church , s windows . Although , suitable methods didn ,t propose to produce Nano structures till 1996. These new  increasingly  and lead to desirable advances in this field . In 1981 , a method  was invented to make metal clusters . In 1996 . some of public institutions    accepted to measure international conditions of attitudes , research  and  develop in technology and since and so , it this year , scientific and research center of Nano technology was established . Now many achievement in industrial fields such as ,electronic,car,wearing,gas,oil,petrochemical and building have obtained by Nano technology .

Nano science and Nano technology is ability to control material in Nano sizes and to exploit of properties and phenomena of these materials . Nano technology will complete and integrate available technologies and advance them but this technology will not complete with them

Nano technology can produce materials as molecule with different purity and systematic arrangements automatically and change them to special and desirable system . This technology and lead to create new materials and capabilities and also result to large in human life.


 There is a increased and powerful social revolution in the world which is resulted from Nano technology and lead to produce consumer goods with more power and durability and less expenditure . So , energy  and  powerful , tiny and low consuming ,supercomputers as cell sizes is invented . More light powerful , automatic and for reaching will be manufactured . Incurable disease will be cured easily and without complications of available drugs . Genetic diseases, transplant of body organs and nervation and so on will be cured by coming Nano technology . Environmental pollution will be decreased strongly and its remains will be controlled and recycled easily . New materials and complicated devices will be produced with unique and automatic capability .