About Company

Introducing Nano Pars Spadana Team :

Nano Pars Spadana Team contain experts and specialists in chemistry, fluids mechanics, biology, polymer and physics which bigan to work in Nano particles in 2001 and has obtained very desirable results like inventing new method of producing particles which is called SHOJ and by using this method , they could produce Nano particles of Zinc Oxide,Gamma Alumina , Copper Oxide, Lithium Cobalt. This company has developed research team by cooperating of research and university centers to perform projects . So, this team has invited all of the experts and specialists in Nano technology to cooperation with them. Also, this team is ready to receive cooperation offers in Natechnology of different courses.

Introduce of Nano Pars Spadana CO

As nano technology has been considered as superior knowledge today,and this knowledge can use to progress science and industry,Nano Pars Spadana CO considers as limited companies in Iran which can produce Nano particles and catalysts based on Nano particles.This company has accomplished many researches in producing Nano particles and catalysts based on Nano particles with universal standards and high level and has obtained noticeable results,and has succeed to produce Nano particles .
This Co has applied experienced experts in Chemistry,Polymer,Metallurgy,fluids Mechanics,and Physics in order to adapt its products with international standards.also,this Cohas tried to create research teams in order to develop its products in industrial world.Nano Pars Spadana Co established in 2006 and began to produce nano particles in semi-industrial stage .
Also,this company is establishing a large firm for producing Nano and catalysts based on Nano In Razi chemistry estate in Isfahab to develop and increase its production .
We hope that this company can fulfill its new plans in the future.